24 Most Inspiring J-HOPE Quotes About Life to Enthral You

Inspirational J-HOPE Best Quotes About Life

In this article, you will find the best collection of J-HOPE Quotes About Life.You will also find J-Hope at a glance, and his achievements. Just find below J-Hope interesting details below.

J-HOPE Quotes for Your Everyday Motivation

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J-HOPE At a Glance

Inspirational J. Hope Best Quotes about Life
Inspirational J. Hope Best Quotes about Life

Full Name: Jung Ho-seok

Born: February 18, 1994 (age 27), Buk District, Gwangju, South Korea

Occupation: Rapper, singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer

Active since: 2012

Awards: Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit (2018)

Genres: Hip hop, K-pop

Most Inspirational J-HOPE Quotes About Life

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I put ‘hope’ in my name to be a hopeful existence in the group. – J-Hope

Louder Than Bombs’ shows our inner shadows. – J-Hope

 My fantasy had always been making a music video and performing with music that I had created. – J-Hope

I don’t think you should feel too pressured about a mix tape. Just do what you want to do and show the music you want to show. You’re not trying to win something big with it. – J-Hope 

The way I work uses a very on-the-spot flow, and I write the lyrics and the music when I feel them coming. – J-Hope

 Do what you want to try doing. Take whatever you get out of it and have fun. – J-Hope

When I hear the word electric, I think of Pikachu! – J-Hope

I feel we have achieved the goals that we set out to achieve. – J-Hope

We have reached milestones that are far beyond what I expected. – J-Hope

I started dancing first, but felt I could also tell my story through my music. – J-Hope

We’re proud that everything we do is giving off light. – J-Hope

Everyone liked me when I went up on the stage at a talent search in elementary school, and that’s when I decided to become a music artist. – J-Hope

It’s such a great honor to be mentioned along The Beatles. – J-Hope

When I was a little boy, my wish was to be on an airplane. My wish was to get on a plane and fly to the sky. – J-Hope

When I was a little kid, I simply loved music and enjoyed expressing myself with my body. – J-Hope

We are happy that we could resonate with so many people. – J-Hope

It feels as if the world has acknowledged and accepted our sincerity. – J-Hope

I remember being captivated by Jules Verne’s ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea’ when I read it as a kid. – J-Hope

I actually don’t preoccupy myself with ‘I’m going to do this kind of rap in this kind of genre’ kind of thinking when I work. – J-Hope

 The music helped me sympathize with our young generation and also empathize with them. I’d like to create and write more music that represents them. – J-Hope

I think I just laugh nonstop. I think my laughter naturally melts in when I want to recharge. – J-Hope

We want to keep doing our own music and show our own colors. – J-Hope


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