Are you moving towards sudden death?

The Thoughtless Fad for a Luxurious Life often Takes Away all the Juice in Life

Over-stress Kills Millions 

Seven people Die Every Two Seconds as a result of Stress 

- Center for Disease Control & Prevention 

Avoid Getting Over Stressed

You invite a whole lot of health issues which, become Chronic & make your Life Miserable

Self-care can safe your life

Much of our Mental Traumas and Physical Ailments are directly Related to our Daily  Routine

No Need to Cancel Your Work Schedule

Instead, develop a Holistic Approach to Self-care and Religiously follow the Golden Rules 

Go for Self-Entertainment 

Listening to Good Music, Watching Movies, has proved to be More Effective than Medicine  And...

To keep You Mentally and Physically Fit 

Nine  Golden Rules 

It Can Save You From Sudden Death

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